Vintage store on wheels


The dream of owning and making a vintage selling station on my cargo bike. In my belief that makes me first to have a vintage store on wheels.

One of the steps was to find a suitable bike and luckily one of the neighbors in my studio had a cargo bike that they were not using and could buy from them. That made me happy. The first time I used the bike to transport my vintage pieces and all the extra stuff was a success. There was only one small downside, the cycling was so heavy. With the help of my bicycle repairman, I was able to turn the bike into an electric cargo bike This one of the best decisions I ever made. The plan was to have the cargo bike ready for the next market. Unfortunately, the market was canceled because of the Corona crisis. But the dream is still a life to have the first vintage store on bike wheels. Monday 22th of June, the story continues. Together with the help of handyman Melle, I hope to transform the bike, and when the markets open the selling station is read.