Dutch Military jacket 1958
Item: jacket – Sort: military – Brand: M.v.O Seynaeve, – Material: ?
Date: 50’s, Size: No Label but I would say M


Pit to pit: 58 cm
Length:  84 cm

Extra: There holes, missing buttons. With a lot of extra nostalgia and that is because of the sign of use by all the previous owners.

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Explore a Piece of History: Vintage Dutch Army Jacket from 1958

Step back in time with this extraordinary find – a Dutch army jacket that began telling its story in the year 1958. Made from sturdy cotton, this military green jacket breathes the spirit of an era of recovery after World War II.

Features that Tell the Tale

This jacket not only wears the ravages of time with pride but each hole, each handmade reinforcement, and every worn detail adds character to its narrative. The absence of specific insignias gives it a timeless, classic appearance, while the marking “M.v.O Seynaeve” makes us ponder the craftsman behind the craft.

Conditions of the Time

In a remarkably good state for its age, this jacket showcases the wear and tear that attests to its service. The carefully sewn reinforcements in the neck and on the front not only add visual interest but also testify to the craftsmanship poured into this piece.

Historical Context

1958 in the Netherlands was a time of recovery and growth after the war. The Dutch army, focusing on reconstruction and international obligations, embraced clothing like this as a standard uniform.

Your Invitation to Discover More

This jacket is not just a piece of functional clothing; it is a window into a time when the Dutch army shaped its role. Each feature raises questions and invites you to dig deeper into the history behind this iconic jacket. Come and discover the past while wearing a tangible piece of history.

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