Banjara shoulder bag India
Item: Accessoires – Sort: Artisanal – Brand: Handmade, – Material: ?
Date: 70’s, Size: universal

  • Banjara shoulder bag India


Width: 32 cm
Height:  35 cm cm

Extra: handmade, some of the mirrors are missing or broken.

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Embarking on a Folkloric Journey: The Banjara Bag Saga

Crafted Under the Indian Sun

In the heart of India, where the sun kisses the earth, skilled hands embark on a sacred journey. Each Banjara bag is a masterpiece, meticulously woven with threads that carry the warmth of the Indian sun. The artisans, custodians of ancient craft, infuse life into the bag, creating a tapestry that echoes with the essence of Indian craftsmanship.

Nomadic Spirit, Artisanal Brilliance

Derived from the nomadic Banjara people, this bag is not just an accessory but a living artifact of a vibrant culture. The nomads, guided by a rich heritage, impart a unique vibrancy to every stitch. The bag becomes a canvas, painting tales of the nomadic spirit and the brilliance of artisanal traditions.

Threads That Whisper Tales

As daylight dims, the Banjara bag becomes a storyteller. Each thread, a silent narrator of ancient tales, whispers of a culture deeply rooted in folklore. The intricate patterns and beads are not just adornments; they are tributes to the artisans who, like ancient storytellers, craft narratives with needle and thread.

Moonlit Bazaars

When the moon ascends, the Banjara bag steps into the spotlight. In moonlit bazaars, it unveils its own tale, resonating with the magic that unfolds.

Celebrating Artisans

Embrace the allure of folklore and celebrate the greatness of handmade treasures with the Banjara bag. It is not just an accessory; it is an ode to the artisans, the tales, and the art that transcends generations. As you carry this bag, remember that you hold a piece of a rich cultural tapestry—a masterpiece crafted with love, tradition, and the brilliance of human hands.

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