Pulp Vintage Amsterdam store is a unique vintage store. Everything is handpicked and we don’t order bulk orders. And pray that we find something good. I, Wolf Maria Mulder do all the picking. I go to flea markets and local thrift stores. Sometimes I find something online but the best thing is finding something where you can actually touch it. All the picking is done in the surrounding of Amsterdam and I ride my bike everywhere. Here is a little history about Pulp Vintage, how it all got started. When we were little boys, our parents brought American sport vintage and we enjoyed wearing them. It determined our style and when we went to buy our clothes, we came home with an American sport vintage. Our collections grew and grew, but it became increasingly difficult to find really beautiful and unique items. We regularly talked about the fact that there was not enough quality to be found and, as is often the case with us, we came up with the same idea almost at the same time. Why don’t we import and sell it ourselves? Turn on the laptop and search. It was a nice, long journey, but after much research, we found the right suppliers who allowed us to sort it out “by hand” via Skype and FaceTime. I am still a big fan of a nice sports jersey. One of the best things about vintage is that you can always find new items and fields to discover. We sell a lot more than only Vintage jerseys. Now we have a great selection of vintage t-shirts, sweaters, and all sorts of vintage. I am always on the lookout to find great new pieces. In 2017 my brother went to become a great cameraman, now me, Wolf Mulder is the vintage collector and Pulp Vintage Amsterdam store. I am also a visual artist you can see my work on

Pulp Vintage Amsterdam store