How it works

When will my first box arrive?

We try to ship in two to three weeks. All your answered question will be carefully written down an personal journal. We have a small inventory in our warehouse. We don’t like to rush a shipment, we take the time to find the best curated pieces for you. We don’t like to ship a product that is not fitting your needs. We ask a little patient, for us to make the best box for you. We ship nearly all new subcription boxes within 10 days ordering.

Can I tell you what I want and you find it for me?

No, that is not possible. The fun of not knowing exactly what you get, we hope you appreciate our effort. We have your filled out questionnaire and we keep in the back of minds and notebook to make the best curated choices for you.

What if I don’t like what you sent?

If you don’t like anything, we accept returns and you receive a full refund. If you like some pieces, but not all we can get creative or pass it on to a family member or friend. We take this in to account on the next shipment. The feature of unlimited clothing swaps is something we don’t do. But we are willing to think along just as mentioned before.

Is there a Comma for womenswear?

Not explicitly. Our expertise is in menswear, and that’s the only thing we feel comfortable curating. But only the clothes are gendered; our customers can identify anyway they please. If you feel that items traditionally labeled as menswear have a place in your wardrobe, then sign right up and we’ll put together a package that works.

How do I know what I’m getting? 

All the Pulp Vintage boxes are coming with a note explaining the items in the box. The story is also part of the fun. We are write a blog about all boxes we shipped, check it out.

Will it be worth the money?

Most of the time the box is more worth more, than you paid for it.
The experience combined with the vintage pieces is worth far more. It spark imagination and your will have something to talk about on parties.

Are the vintage pieces clean?

We like to be fresh and clean, we clean everything to the best of out abilities. For some pieces we don’t put then in the washing machine because they have nice patina ore other features that will be destroyed by putting them in the washing machine. We would never sell something, that we wouldn’t wear straight out the box.

I want to subscribe. What is the next step?

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