Coca-Cola Company sweater
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Pit to pit: 47 cm
Length:  60 cm
Sleeve top: 47 cm
Sleeve bottom: 43 cm

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Retracing the Roots of Coca-Cola: A Timeless Symbol of Refreshment

A Journey from Pharmacy to Global Icon

As you slip into the vibrant embrace of this classic Coca-Cola sweater, let its iconic blue and white stripes transport you back to 1886, to the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Here, a pharmacist named John Pemberton embarked on a journey that would forever alter the landscape of refreshment and taste.

Inspired by the medicinal properties of coca leaves and kola nuts, Pemberton concocted a syrupy concoction that promised to banish fatigue and uplift the spirits. Intrigued by its unique flavor, Pemberton named his creation Coca-Cola and offered it for sale at Jacobs’ Pharmacy, a bustling establishment in Atlanta.

Coca-Cola’s Explosive Rise to Popularity

Initially, Coca-Cola was dispensed from a soda fountain, attracting the attention of patrons with its refreshing taste and invigorating effect. Word of mouth spread quickly, and soon, Coca-Cola became a local favorite.

In 1887, Asa Candler, a shrewd businessman, partnered with Pemberton and acquired the rights to Coca-Cola. Candler revolutionized the beverage, introducing bottling and distribution systems that expanded its reach beyond Atlanta and into the wider world.

Embodying the Spirit of Coca-Cola

This Coca-Cola sweater, with its bold blue and white stripes, embodies the spirit of Coca-Cola, a brand that has become synonymous with refreshment, joy, and shared experiences. It harkens back to the early days of the company, when Coca-Cola was a symbol of innovation and the pursuit of pure taste.

As you wear this sweater, let its vibrant colors and timeless design inspire you to embrace the simple pleasures of life, to cherish the moments that make us who we are, and to share in the joy of a refreshing Coca-Cola.

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