Avirex Suquamish Varsity Jacket
Item: jacket – Sort: varsity jacket – Brand: Avirex – Material: 100% leather, Lining 50% nylon, 50% Acetate –
Date: 90s, Size: XL


Pit to pit:  60 cm
Length: 74 cm
Sleeve top: 61 cm
Sleeve bottom: 44 cm

Extra: nice soft leather

€ 450

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The Suquamish baseball team of the 1920s was a legendary and acclaimed team known for its exceptional talent and remarkable achievements. Here are some key details about this iconic baseball squad:

Renowned Pitching:

The Suquamish team boasted a pitching ace named Louie George, who was famous for his unique “clam ball” pitch. This pitch, released from a shortened thumb at a distinct angle, baffled opposing hitters. It was a pitch that became a signature move and a source of awe and frustration for batters.

International Recognition:

In the 1920s, the Suquamish baseball team gained international recognition. They were selected to showcase their talents against Japanese college teams on a trip to Japan. This was a significant achievement, as Japanese college squads were considered some of the best teams in the world at that time.

Prestigious Invitation:

The Suquamish team’s selection for the Japan tour was a highly prestigious honor. Promoters from the sporting goods company Spalding had scouted various Native American baseball teams on the West Coast. The Suquamish team was ultimately chosen, marking a significant moment in the tribe’s history.

Challenging Journey:

The trip to Japan was an arduous and historic journey. The team, along with another from Ballard, embarked on a 4,230-mile, two-week voyage across the Pacific Ocean to Yokohama, Japan. It was an incredible adventure for the young athletes and a memorable event for the tribe.

Triumphant Performance:

Despite early challenges, including the loss of their promoter, the Suquamish team persevered and finished the tour with an impressive record. They even won games against Japanese college teams, leaving a lasting impact on the international baseball scene.

Enthusiastic Crowds:

The Suquamish team’s games in Japan attracted enormous crowds, with attendance figures reaching 35,000 to 50,000 spectators. These games were an incredible experience for the athletes, as they played in front of larger audiences than they had ever imagined.

A Proud Legacy:

The Suquamish baseball team of the 1920s left an indelible mark on the tribe’s history. Their achievements, adventures, and dedication to the sport continue to be celebrated and remembered as part of the rich tapestry of Suquamish culture


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