All Year, every season a shipment (4)




General information:

After the subscription is completed, you will receive a questionnaire.

-About your size and body type.

-The relationship you have with vintage clothing.

-More questions about life style and many other question
so we can make curated package especially for you.

-Each quarter you get one box, four boxes a year.

-1, 2 or 3 items of vintage menswear.

-2 or 3 accessories and artifacts.

-A personal note describing what you will find in your box.

-Renewed every year, if you like to stop, send us a email

-If you have any special requests concerning vintage item(s) your looking for, or have any other question, tip or improvement to get your box tweaked. Let us know:

-You can also order a sample box, to see if like our service.

In the future you wil see examples of boxes send out in our blog.
All the pieces we ship are in good vintage condition.
We always look for good materials and manufacturing.
Clothing may show some signs of wear but alway in good vintage condition, no holes of other damage.
If necessary repairs will be made

Accessoires and artifacts

There always useful, for display, listen to or any other function.
Think about postcards, single records or objects related to pieces of clothing.

If you have a special request, any other remark or question regarding your box or subscription let us know 🙂